Created for Podcasts

Pompom is a powerful audio editing app optimized specifically for creating amazing podcasts.

Screenshot of Pompom - audio tracks editor combined with transcription text editor.

Effortless editing

Intuitive interface combined with the power of a native macOS app.

Make quick cuts just like you'd edit text, or adjust tiny details in a full-fledged audio tracks editor.



Transcribe your recordings and start seeing spoken words right next to the waveform. Or switch to the text editor and cut out audio parts simply by editing text.

App screenshot highlighting search options in audio recordings.


Trying to find a specific moment in a long recording?

Search for any phrase in your transcribed recordings, and jump to the right moment with a click of a mouse.

You can also find long pauses to easily cut them out.

Video Bites

Create stunning video-bites from your audio shows. Add captions, progress bars, waveforms, and more. Share without limits.

Lossless export

Export your lossless recordings without limits. Adjust parameters freely to make it right for your hosting provider.

App screenshot highlighting export feature.

Native speed

Pompom is built upon powerful macOS technology. It's perfectly integrated with the system and optimized for speed.